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Terms And Conditions


Set out below are the terms and conditions of the LIVE Rewards program owned and operated by SARADAR BANK

These terms and conditions form the basis of the LIVE Rewards program and explain the mechanisms of collection and redemption of LIVE Rewards Points and constitute an integral part of all the documents signed by the program member separately with SARADAR BANK with respect to his credit or debit card.

Earning and/or usage of any of the benefits or rewards offered by the LIVE Rewards program will be deemed as an acceptance of these terms & conditions. It is the program member’s own responsibility to read and understand them.

These terms and conditions are effective as of the date of publication on the program’s website and shall apply all through the period of the membership. SARADAR BANK may, at its sole discretion, modify these terms and conditions. Such modifications will be communicated through the program website.


All SARADAR BANK customers with at least one active SARADAR BANK Credit or Debit Card will be automatically enrolled to the LIVE Rewards program and be able to start benefitting from the program’s reward scheme.


The LIVE Rewards loyalty program is a loyalty program that rewards SARADAR BANK customers for a wide range of retail products . Customers will be able to earn points upon getting any SARADAR BANK’s debit and/or credit cards, and from the use of such cards. Those points can be redeemed in a variety of ways, with the merchants, directly on the program’s website as detailed in paragraph 4 here below.


3.1 Points earning rates are as follows:

• Each $1 (or c/v) spent online or offline on SARADAR BANK MasterCard Titanium Debit card and credit cards gives the cardholder 1 point

• Each $1.5 (or c/v) spent online or offline on SARADAR BANK VISA DEBIT card gives the cardholder 1 point

3.2 Exceptionally, additional points may be earned in the following cases:

• Bank campaigns.

• Specific events or banking interactions where each member will be individually informed by SARADAR BANK


4.1 The program offers the choice for all cardholders to redeem their points in different ways. Cardholders may redeem their points directly on the program’s website after logging with their credentials or by passing by any SARADAR BANK branch and filling the Loyalty program redemption form.

4.2 SARADAR BANK is commited to deliver the best possible process so that cardholders can redeem their points in a simple and easy way.

4.3 Delivery of selected rewards will vary between three to five weeks.

4.4 SARADAR BANK will use the services of third parties in connection with the loyalty program and is compelled to disclose the cardholder’s names and addresses to such third parties in order to fulfill redemption requests and delivery only. Accordingly, the cardholder relieves irrevocably SARADAR BANK from its obligation related to bank secrecy regarding the above.

4.5 Redemption of the points or executed may not be cancelled or exchanged by the cardholder and they cannot be converted back into the cardholder's account.

4.6 Redeemed rewards are not refundable, exchangeable or transferable for cash, credit or other rewards, or points under any circumstances.

4.7 The redemption request must be made during the specified program period as detailed in paragraph 6 below.

4.8 For First time redemption, the cardholder must accumulate at least 1000 points from spending on his card.


5.1 Cardholders are offered the facility to transfer their points to other LIVE Rewards members through the program’s website. In order to do so, cardholders log onto the website and choose the transfer function; once the transfer details are inserted and validated, points will be transferred automatically to the beneficiary.

5.2 Points or  which have been transferred to another cardholder will expire in the same way as the expiration of the points or miles of the initial program member.

5.3 Points transfer cannot be reversed once the transaction is completed.

5.4 Only points which are still valid for more than 3 months can be transferred.

5.5 Cardholders can transfer a maximum of 50,000 points per year.

5.6 Cardholders can receive a maximum of 50,000 points per year.


6.1 Cardholders are offered the facility to purchase points through the program’s website. In order to do so, cardholders shall log onto the website and choose the purchase function; once the purchase details are inserted and validated, the purchase value will be credited to the cardholder’s points balance.

6.2 For first time purchase, cardholder must accumulate at least 1,000 Points from spending on his card.

6.3 Purchase request submitted by Cardholders shall be processed instantly.

6.4 Cardholders can purchase a maximum of 100,000 points  per year.

6.5 Cardholders can purchase a minimum of 1,000 points  per transaction. 

6.6 Purchased points  cannot be reversed once the transaction is completed.


7.1  Points  do not expire as long as the card is being used for purchases at least once per month.

7.2  Contradicting the above rule, points or miles will expire on the 31st of December, falling 3 years after the last transaction date before the dormant month

7.3  Additional points earned by the program member in any of the cases stated in paragraph 3.3 above, may have different validity and expiration date, which will always be clearly communicated in its specific terms and conditions.


8.1 Cardholders may check their points balance from the program’s website or by calling the SARADAR BANK call center on the following numbers +961-1-734828. Additionally, cardholders can check their points balance on their monthly card statement of account.

8.2 SARADAR BANK reserves the right to credit and debit points or miles to member’s available balance. E.g In case a cardholder reverses a previous transaction for which points were earned, a negative points or miles balance may arise if the points earned on that transaction were already redeemed. In this case, new points that cardholder earns will be used to bring the points balance back to positive. Cardholder cannot redeem points unless their available points balance is positive.


9.1 Basic and supplementary cardholders earn and redeem points in a single pool, which is the basic cardholders’ reward pool. Under no circumstances can SARADAR BANK be held responsible or liable for the usage of the points , from both basic and supplementary cardholders.

9.2 Supplementary cardholders may redeem the total points  accumulated at the pool, after getting the approval of the basic cardholder.

9.3 It is not possible to purchase additional points , points  can only be earned through the published earn rules.

9.4 Cardholder will not accumulate points  for any transactions processed and billed by his/her card prior to the program launching date.

9.5 Cardholder will not accumulate points for the below type of transactions: • ATM and Cash Advance transactions • Accrued interest rate charges • Any fees and charges charged on the cardholder’s account

9.6 If the cardholder has one single card and closes his/her card account, no further points will be earned. The cardholder can redeem any remaining points within 30 days of the date of card or account cancellation. After that date, the accumulated points will expire


10.1 Any reward available in the program is subject to change or cancellation at any time without prior notice.

10.2 All rewards ordered are subject to availability. Certain rewards are available only during the periods described in the program communications. Certain restrictions apply to rewards.

10.3 Merchants participating in the program are subject to change without prior notification by SARADAR BANK

10.4 Once opened, rewards may not be exchanged. Any taxes and duties which may become payable are the responsibility of the cardholder.

10.5 Rewards can only be redeemed in accordance with the current rewards online catalog available on the program’s web site.

10.6 SARADAR BANK will regularly update the online catalog which will set out the number of points required for the cardholder to claim a reward for each good and service.

10.7 The time of delivery of rewards may vary according to availability.

10.8 Vouchers are valid at participating merchants only, until the expiration date printed on the front of the voucher.

10.9 Vouchers must be surrendered at redemption, and no photocopies of vouchers will be honored

10.10 In case the cardholder did not like the reward, SARADAR BANK will not be held responsible and the reward cannot be exchanged nor returned.

10.11 SARADAR BANK and participating merchants are not responsible for replacing lost, stolen, or mutilated vouchers .

10.12 Fulfillment of the vouchers is the sole responsibility of the participating merchant not SARADAR BANK

10.13 Vouchers are not transferable unless otherwise noted on the voucher.


11.1 Every member of the program can access the loyalty portal; only logged in cardholders can execute an online redemption request

11.2 Cardholder may not use any data or information made available on or by this website in connection with any business or commercial undertaking (whether or not for profit).

11.3 The intellectual property in all design, text, graphics and other material and the selection or arrangement of such material in this website is owned by SARADAR BANK and/or their respective licensors.

11.4 SARADAR BANK does not make any representations, warranties or terms of any kind in respect of these websites or their content (including, without limitation, any views or comment made) other than those required by law. A cardholder’s use of information and/or data on these websites is therefore entirely at his/her own risk. SARADAR BANK expressly excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all liability of SARADAR BANK, its directors, employees or other representatives, howsoever arising, for any loss suffered as a result of a member’s use of this website.

11.5 Due to the nature of the internet, SARADAR BANK does not promise full and error free operation of these websites at all times.


Cardholder has full responsibility to notify SARADAR BANK of any change of address or other personal details. SARADAR BANK is not responsible for any loss of a card or points balance resulting from any failure of a Cardholder to notify SARADAR BANK of such change.


If the membership account shows any signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, cardholders may lose accrued points, and, as a result of this activity, SARADAR BANK may suspend or terminate loyalty membership immediately. If any fraudulent activity is suspected and detected, SARADAR BANK reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and may have grounds to confiscate any points redeemed as a result of such activity. In addition, members may be liable for monetary losses to SARADAR BANK, including litigation costs and damages, and members will not be allowed to participate in the program in the future.


14.1 Suspension of membership will automatically occur in the event that a cardholder is declared in a ‘delinquency’ status in SARADAR BANK This happens when a cardholder does not pay his/her cards’ outstanding balances or dues to SARADAR BANK.

14.2 Suspension of membership will result in the inability to earn, redeem or transfer points  in any way, until such time that the delinquency status is revoked. Accumulated points will remain in the cardholder’s account during the period of delinquency but will continue to expire as scheduled.

14.3 Points earned during the delinquency period shall not accrue in the cardholder’s account and shall not be added when 'banking' status is restored.


15.1 Termination of membership will automatically occur in the event that the cardholder no longer holds an active debit card or credit card.

15.2 In the event of a failure to pay the debts (credit card balance) to the bank, SARADAR BANK reserves the right to terminate the loyalty membership immediately.

15.3 SARADAR BANK reserves the right to terminate the loyalty membership immediately, at any time, in case of illegal and/or fraudulent use of the card.


SARADAR BANK shall provide points earning, redemption, transfer and related services with minimum disruptions on a best of effort basis. SARADAR BANK cannot guarantee that these services will always function without disruptions, and cannot be held liable for any operational, process related and system errors during providing any of the loyalty membership services.


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respect in accordance with the laws of Lebanon and the Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Beirut.

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